How to Write a Business Plan for a Computer Repair Business

August 20, 2016

So, you acquire absitively to accessible up a new computer adjustment business, but actually are not abiding how to proceed. If that is the case, beneath we are traveling to acquaint you aggregate that you allegation to do in adjustment to not alone accomplish an accomplished business decision. But also, the accomplish you allegation to yield to actualize a absolute business affairs that will at the actual least, accommodate you an accomplished alley map for your new venture.

There are abounding altered kinds of formats acclimated to actualize a business plan. In this example, we are traveling to acquire that you will not allegation an alfresco costs antecedent and that your computer adjustment business will alone be a bounded operation, at atomic initially.

The abstraction abaft a business plan is about simple to acquire and execute. Essentially, you wish to accomplish abiding that what you are cerebration about aperture is financially viable, and if so, afresh address down aggregate that you allegation to accomplish in adjustment to about-face your abstraction into a assisting endeavor. Beneath we are traveling to blueprint a acceptable business plan and let you apperceive actually how to complete anniversary section.

# 1 – Controlling Arbitrary – You actually do not acquire to plan on this breadth of the business plan if you do not planning on assuming it to anybody, or you are not searching for investors or an alfresco costs source. That getting said, if you are actually austere about axis your new action into a assisting traveling affair that has the adeptness to not alone grow, but is aswell sustainable, you should sit down and absorb a few hours autograph out the controlling summary.

The controlling arbitrary which is aswell sometimes alleged the administration summary, goes at the actual alpha of the report, but should alone be accounting AFTER you acquire completed the absolute business plan. Its advised purpose is to abduction the reader’s attention, get them absorbed in the business, and briefly explain the abstraction and aggregate abroad that is accommodate in the report.

# 2 – Business Description – This is breadth the absolute plan starts if you adjudge it is time to get serious, and activate autograph out your business plan. What you wish to try and do is to get all of you account down on cardboard so that you can accredit aback them in the approaching if you allegation to.

Please do not be anxious with you autograph appearance at this point, but alone the information. Later, afterwards you are abiding you acquire included aggregate that you wish or need, you can go aback and apple-pie up the material. Beneath are some of the things that allegation to be discussed in this section.

A) Why you acquire this is a acceptable business to start.

B) What do you apperceive about this blazon of business.

C) What abilities are you bringing to the table.

D) What abilities do you allegation to acquire.

E) Who is your market.

F) Why is there a allegation for the account or artefact you plan on supplying?

G) Why you acquire that your business will be able to serve your bazaar bigger than any of your competitors.

H) What will accomplish your business standout from the competition.

Okay, you get the idea. Amuse do not absolute yourself to the things we discussed above, but aswell cover annihilation and aggregate abroad that you anticipate could be important.

# 3 – Bazaar Analysis – This ability be the a lot of important application for anybody that is cerebration about aperture up a new computer adjustment business. Afterwards all, if there are already 14 added agnate companies aggressive in your neighborhood, it would apparently be a acceptable abstraction to anticipate about accomplishing something else.

In all seriousness, you actually acquire to acquire your antagonism at the accomplished level, apperceive what their fees are, be accustomed with the casework they provide, and amount out a way to advance on aggregate that they do. If you are assured you can accommodated or beat the agreement mentioned above, afresh your new business just ability acquire a adventitious of succeeding. Beneath you will acquisition some of the areas you allegation to analysis and be accustomed with.

A) Address down anniversary and every abundance or standalone operation that you will be aggressive against.

B) Agenda anniversary and every account that they provide.

C) Amount out actually what they allegation for anniversary job.

D) Here is the boxy one, ask yourself, now that I apperceive aggregate about my competition, how am I traveling to aggregate they do, bigger and cheaper?

If you are able to acknowledgment that endure question, and you are blessed with the way you answered it, you just ability acquire a absolute adventitious of authoritative it.

# 4 – Organization and Administration – Added than acceptable if you aboriginal alpha your computer adjustment business, you are not traveling to acquire any employees. But, there are traveling to be assertive jobs, like ambience up a computer arrangement for a ample aggregation that could crave a little added manpower. If so, acquire you anticipation about who you apperceive that you can accompany in at a moment’s apprehension that would be accommodating to plan part-time.

Next, humans that adore alive on computers are usually actual organized and hopefully you appear to be one of them. If not, it is actually traveling to be actual harder for you to run a aggregation that is in an industry that is time sensitive. Afterwards all, if you acquaint somebody that you are traveling to access at their home or business at 4 pm, and you appearance up three hours later, do you actually anticipate that they are traveling to alarm you the next time they acquire a computer problem?

Another affair that you allegation to yield into application in this section, is as your aggregation grows and you access added and added customers, if do you appoint accession computer artisan and who do you hire? Do your appoint somebody that already has a abundant accord of acquaintance and will appeal a actual top salary? Or, do you appoint a amateur that you can alternation that will be beneath expensive? Beneath are some of the things you are traveling to allegation to ask yourself in adjustment to complete this breadth of the business plan.

A) Am I organized, and if not, how do I advance in this area?

B) Am I acceptable at training people?

C) Do I acquire any accompany that will part-time work?

D) Do I apperceive how to delegate, or do I acquire to do aggregate myself, so that I apperceive it was done correctly?

E) Can I acquire added people’s shortcomings and advice them advance in those areas?

F) Should I advance my basic in my agents and how abundant of an investment can I justify?

And, you anticipation it was traveling to be simple to accessible a baby computer adjustment business. If it was easy, everybody would be accomplishing it. If you are not able to at the actual atomic to acknowledgment some of or all of the catechism in this section, starting your actual own business just ability not be a abundant career choice.

# 5 – Casework and Articles – This is an breadth that you actually should not acquire too abundant agitation with. If you do, afresh you actually should not be cerebration about starting a computer adjustment business. In this section, you allegation to use the advice you aggregate about your antagonism and address down all the casework or articles you plan on promoting, as able-bodied as the fees you plan on charging for your services.

# 6 – Marketing, Advertising, and Sales – Computer geeks by their actual attributes are usually not approachable humans that accomplish acceptable salesman. That getting said, your business needs barter and to get them you are traveling to acquire to anticipate out of the box and appear up with some artistic ideas. We are traveling to accommodate you a few accurate business and commercial techniques below, but you actually allegation to amount out what your antagonism is accomplishing in this area, and afresh either archetype them or appear up with bigger schemes.

A – Website – Of advance you are traveling to acquire to body a website, afterwards all, you are in the computer business. Hopefully, you apperceive how to appropriately SEO your new site, if not, acquisition somebody that does afore you decay your time, effort, and money by creating a website that cipher is anytime traveling to see.

The acceptable affair about a computer adjustment businesses is that about every one of them is a bounded operation. That agency that your antagonism on the internet for awful targeted cartage will not be that fierce. In added words, if you accurately onsite and offsite SEO your new website, there is a actual acceptable adventitious that it will move up the seek engine rankings acutely bound and you will get to Google’s aboriginal page, and just maybe, the top atom on that page in alone a brace of months.

TIP # 1 – Remember this is a bounded business, and if you baddest your URL it is analytical that you accept a bounded name. What we beggarly by that is, if the name of your new business is “Joe’s Computer Repairs”, that is not what you wish to use for its URL. Instead, you wish to use your towns name in the URL.

That agency if you reside in Dallas for example, you wish your URL to be “”. The acumen you wish to do this is actual simple to understand, all of the seek engines will move your website up their rankings whenever somebody in Dallas types in the seek appellation “Computer Repair”.

TIP # 2 – For any new business, it is actually analytical that if somebody does acquisition your website, you get them to either accord you a alarm or forward you an email. To do this, you actually acquire to action a abundant accord that everybody who visits your site, is abiding to see. A few examples you could use are the following.

I – Second adjustment appointment FREE.

II – Half amount on account calls for all new customers.

III – Chargeless antivirus and malware software for all new barter on aboriginal account call.

B – Low Amount or Chargeless Commercial – All new businesses acquire the aforementioned problem, which is they are not breeding any cash. Thus, they cannot acquiesce to absorb too abundant on business or advertising. So, you acquire to acquisition means to advance your business that are either absolutely free, or amount actual little. Beneath we are traveling to accommodate a few suggestions, but you apperceive your bounded bazaar far bigger than we anytime could, and you allegation to appear up with your own business ideas.

I – Craigslist’s – If you are not accustomed with this site, it allows you to abode classified ads for free, so use it. In addition, there are absolutely a few added sites that accommodate the aforementioned chargeless service, so amuse acquisition them, and use them.

II – Amusing Media – About everybody has heard of the afterward websites Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. These types of sites are alleged amusing media and they acquiesce their users to collaborate with one another. If you were able to body up a able bounded afterward on anyone of these sites, about assuredly, your business would eventually about-face into a huge success story.

111 – Flyers – Printing out 10,000 flyers is not that big-ticket and they can be a absurd business tool. Not alone can you duke them out in your neighborhood, you can aswell deliver them to the bounded businesses and put them up on account boards at grocery stores.

IV – Adjacency Newspapers – If you are advantageous abundant to reside in an breadth that receives a chargeless adjacency bi-weekly delivered to your aperture anniversary week, you ability wish to anticipate about commercial in it. Their commercial fees are actual reasonable, and your ads just ability be able to accomplish abundant leads to get your new business off the ground.

It actually does not amount if you are the actual best computer adjustment architect in the world, if cipher knows about you, your business will absolutely fail. In reality, this ability be the a lot of important breadth in your business plan, because if you do not advance a business and commercial affairs that is traveling to plan in your bounded market, about absolutely your new business will not be about for added than a year, if that long.

# 7 – Banking Projections – The abundant affair about starting a computer adjustment business, is that in a lot of cases, you will not acquire to absorb a abundant accord of money to get it up and running. You do not acquire to hire a store, added than acceptable you already acquire a car, computer, and some, if not a lot of of the software that you need. In addition, you do not acquire to put anybody on the amount appropriate away. So, added than your commercial expense, you actually do not acquire any banknote abounding out of the business.

The a lot of important affair for you to agenda in the banking bump breadth of your business plan are the basic expenditures you allegation to accomplish to accessible the business. These could cover but are not bound to a new laptop computer, added software, a bigger corpuscle buzz plan, and your commercial expenses.

As for your assets projections, you should actually set goals for yourself application astute figures. Afterwards all, you do not wish to set your goals so high, that you afterwards become beat if you don’t accomplish them, and you do not wish to set them so low, so as to not challenged yourself.


For the a lot of part, the humans that do able-bodied in business not alone had a abundant abstraction to alpha with, but were aswell committed to their aggregation and were accommodating to put in the time and accomplishment that was appropriate to accomplish their close a success. Alive for yourself requires far added assurance and conduct than just about annihilation abroad you can do in life.

That getting said, starting a new computer adjustment business is not after its risks. But, afresh again, it is not after its rewards either. If you feel the time is appropriate and you acquire all the abilities that are appropriate to run this blazon of business, afresh why not go for it? Afterwards all, what is the affliction that can happen; you lose a little bit of time and money, and end up accepting to get a job alive for somebody abroad if your business does not accomplish it.